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Donations process

Make sure you read the information below carefully. It will help you fill out your application correctly and explains now we process your application once we've received it.

The next

deadline for donations applications
is 7 July.

Applying for funding

First, check that you meet Pub Charity Limited’s Donations Criteria and that your application is for an Authorised Purpose.


Next, check if we have funds available in your area. Click here to find out the territorial authority areas where we have funds available.


Then, complete an application form. Your application must be on an official Pub Charity Limited form. You can download a PDF on how to complete the form here.


Make sure you complete all relevant sections of the form and provide all additional documentation required. We are unable to process your application without all the required information.


Make a copy of your form – Pub Charity Limited is required to keep all original forms for Department of Internal Affairs purpose, and we are unable to make a copy for you after receiving your form.


Send your completed form to:

Pub Charity Limited

PO Box 27-009


Or delivered to:

Pub Charity Limited

Level 1, 190 Taranaki St


Please note: we do not accept applications by email or fax.


Applications must be received at our offices (not our PO Box) by 5 pm on the deadline date to be processed for the next Net Proceeds Committee meeting.


We wish you the very best of luck with your application.


Assessing your application

First, we check that your application has been completed properly and that you have provided all the required documentation. If information is missing, you will be asked to provide it, which may mean your application misses the monthly deadline and it will be held until the next cycle. Please note that we only hold donations over for one month – after that, if the required information still hasn’t been received, your application will be declined.


Pub Charity Limited’s Net Proceeds Committee will consider all applications that have been completed properly and contain all the required information and documentation. They will decide whether your donation has been approved or declined.

If your application is accepted, within a week of your application being approved, Pub Charity Limited will make a donations payment into the nominated bank account you provided by direct credit and will mail a remittance advice to the address provided in your application.


If your application is declined, you should receive a letter approximately seven working days after the Net Proceeds Committee has met. You can reapply for a donation, but this will need to be a completely new application.

Using your donation

• Donations must be used within three months of deposit into your bank account and for the purpose stated on your application form.


• If you don’t use the entire Pub Charity Limited donation, or you received funds from any other sources for the same purpose(s) as you applied to Pub Charity Limited, you must return the unspent amount of the Pub Charity Limited donation funds along with receipts and invoices of what you have spent of Pub Charity Limited donation funds.


• Unspent donation funds cannot be used for any other purpose(s).


• A Donation Accountability Report must be completed and returned to Pub Charity Limited within three months of receiving funds, along with copies of receipts and invoices, and a copy of a bank statement verifying payment of invoices.


Publishing donation details

Your organisation's name and the amount donated will be published, in accordance with a Department of Internal Affairs requirement, each financial year. Pub Charity Limited publishes a list of approved and declined applicants and the donation amounts in an appropriate newspaper.


Auditing your donation

Pub Charity Limited is required to demonstrate how we dealt with each application for a donation. When you apply for funds, your organisation must agree to an audit/inspection to check that your donation is received and used correctly. If you are audited, this could involve inspecting your organisation's books, accounts, or data systems to check that:


• you sent all relevant receipts and invoices to Pub Charity Limited within three months


• you declared any applications made to other funding sources for the same purpose, the amounts requested and any known outcomes


• you returned the unspent balance of the Pub Charity Limited donation if you received funds from other sources for the same purpose(s)


• you returned the unspent balance if you did not use the entire Pub Charity Limited donation.


Note: If your organisation has not met all the audit requirements from previous donations, any new application is likely to be declined.


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