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Responsible Gambling

For thousands of New Zealanders, gaming machines provide a harmless and enjoyable form of entertainment and leisure activity. However, research shows that just under 1 percent of the population are problem gamblers.

Gambling in New Zealand

As the law requires, our venue managers are trained, where possible, to identify problem gamblers, and intervene and offer them appropriate assistance.


A problem gambler is defined as a person “whose gambling causes harm or may cause harm” (Gambling Act 2003). You may or may not be an actual problem gambler, so please do not be offended if venue personnel question you while playing on machines, over any aspect of your gambling behaviour. It will only be because they are acting in accordance with their legal duty. You may be offered information and advice.


When it is reasonably apparent that a person’s gambling behaviour is causing harm or may cause harm, we suspect the person concerned may be a problem gambler. Venue personnel will then take all reasonable steps as required by the Gambling Act 2003 to offer that person advice and assistance and/or to exclude that person from the gaming area of the venue.


Getting help

Problem Gambling affects us all. It hurts the gambler and it hurts people close to the gambler. If you have a problem with gambling - if it's affecting your life and the lives of those around you - there is help available.

Phone the Gambling Helpline on 0800 654 655


There are ways that problem gamblers can be helped. The first step is recognising that there is a problem.


Do you or someone you know:

• Gamble more than you/they can really afford?

• Keep gambling to try and win back losses?

• Get into debt, borrow or steal to keep gambling?

• Feel stressed or agitated during or after gambling?

• Spend more time than you/they intended gambling?

• Gamble while under the influence of alcohol?

• Leave children alone while gambling?

• Ignore friends and family concerns over your/their  

• Get argumentative with others because or your /their


If you answered yes to any of these, you or someone you know may well have a problem.


Understand the odds

Poker machines are not designed to help players make money. They are there for entertainment. In New Zealand hotels and clubs, the machines are set to return between 78-92%. You might win occasionally, but if you keep playing you will almost certainly lose all the money you put in.


Know where you can get help

There are many people and organisations that can help you. The first to talk to are the staff at a venue hosting gaming machinces. They can give you information on where to get help if your gambling is becoming a problem. They can also help by excluding you from the venue.


Another place to get help is the Gambling Helpline.


Phone the Gambling Helpline on 0800 654 655

It's private, its confidential and it's free. PHONE NOW.


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